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Our thanks to the generous contributors to ZMF 2017 Scholarship Fund:

Daniel Kennedy
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Jack & Florence Van Geem
Brian Zeltsman

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Dear Friends,

ZMF exists to inspire young people to pursue their passions in music and possibly make it their career. We bring together renowned, influential, international artists whom participants might not have occasion to meet and hear---except at ZMF. For many participants, ZMF is a musical turning point.

ZMF is a 501(c)(3) organization, so d
onations to ZMF are tax deductible. Every contribution plays an important part (hence, they are named after parts of a marimba!), so please consider giving at any level you can. No amount is too small.

$1-$49 Wheels
$50-$99 Endpieces
Center Supports - Receive two tickets to a ZMF 2017 concert.
$250-$499 Rails - Receive two tickets to two ZMF 2017 concerts.
$500-$799 Resonators - Receive two tickets to all ZMF 2017 concerts & two signed CDs by ZMF 2017 Faculty artists.
Over $800 Keys - Receive the above plus lunch with two ZMF 2017 Faculty ~and/or~ our thanks in a mass email and on Facebook.

Make a donation toward a scholarship using PayPal.

On behalf of ZMF's Board of Trustees and Administration, and especially the beneficiaries of our ongoing projects, we thank you!


Nancy Zeltsman

President, Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Inc.

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